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Welcome on the english homepage of the children's records website MINIGROOVE

This website about children's records (singles, EP's and 10-inch-records) is the result of a continuously growing collection. Allthough I started to collect ONLY dutch children's records, since 2006 I am also interested in NON-dutch kiddie records. As a result I added this english 'home-page' with links to subpages containing records made in the UK or the US. (These are the links left on this page). Take notice: The collection consists mainly of 7" records.

I would like to create a collection of children's records made in every country and sung or spoken in every language. This may sound ambitious, but it is also meant to state that I dont have any (political, cultural or religious) limitations or restrictions, so everybody can enjoy this site.
I do hope you can see some of your favourite record-sleeves and enjoy listening to some fragments of audio-files that I have added.

Due to extremely high costs for shipping abroad it is no longer possible to order a CD. However MP3's can be ordered. They will be mailed or send with "We Transfer":

- 7" record (total length up to 6 minutes) converted to MP3 = 2,00 EUR
- 7" record (total length more than 6 minutes) converted to MP3 = 3,00 EUR
- 10" or 12" record converted to MP3 = 5,00 EUR
- Shellac record / 78 RPM record converted to MP3 = 3,00 EUR

Payments can be made by Banktransfer or with PayPal (with Paypal add 10%).

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If you have any questions or know how to help me complete my collection, please send an e-mail to minigroove.peter@gmail.com

Enjoy! Peter Oosterhout